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When the World Went Home is a chapter in SA Blogs, with a purpose of bringing the world together by creating a centralized place for people to tell their stories during the COVID – 19 pandemic. While we as a society might be fighting the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. Please contact me if you wish to share your story, I will be more than thrilled to feature you on the blog!

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Post Pandemic Behavior

It’s been close to a year since the pandemic started, and it seems that things are coming together. The vaccines are being distributed to more people, and in SOME places, the spread of the virus is coming down. A few weeks ago, author, vlogger, science persona, and all-around cool dude Hank Green (most notable for… Continue Reading →

The Beginning

Originally posted on Shreyas A Blogs:
Friday the 13th : March, 2020 We find ourselves in a world where a virus known as COVID-19 has slowly started spreading around the world. It started out in small pockets in China in January. It was not yet a world wide concern, it was something that was talked…

Humanity’s Greatest Creation

Hello my dear followers, I hope everyone is doing well! Its been 2 months since I posted to this blog, and it pains me as much as it does to you 🙂 I’ve just been very very busy with schoolwork and other commitments, but free time is coming soon, and I have dozens of ideas… Continue Reading →

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