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The return of in-person schooling

If I had to describe briefly our return to school, I would say that we returned with reluctant excitement. Hesitant elation. Vacillating jubilation.  Heaps of optimism, but with a fair share of trepidation as well.  The first day exemplifies this experience quite well, as I, along with the Downingtown Stem Academy‚Äôs other students, experienced what… Continue Reading →

The Vaccine : Explained

While it may seem to be coming to an end, the world is still fighting COVID – 19. Today, I will take you through a basic biological explanation of the vaccines, and help you understand how innovative this new technology is. Today we will take a look at the mRNA vaccines that the CDC recommends…. Continue Reading →

Organization Spotlight : Never doubt the impact one person can have

The Gift of Life Donor Program is a leading organ procurement organization in the United States that caters to the greater Philadelphia area, as well as Delaware and parts of New Jersey. The Gift of Life Donor Program has been helping bridge the gap between donor and recipient while advancing the noble mission to educate… Continue Reading →

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