Teaching French and Exploring Tech while staying at home.

Bloggers Introduction:

Madame Baranger is my wonderful high school French teacher. Along with French, we both have a passion for technology, gaming, and anime. In the following, Madame speaks of her experiences during the lockdown, how she has managed online teaching, and what she has been doing in her free time. Enjoy!

Shreyas Annagiri : How has the transition to online teaching been?

Madame Baranger: Broadly speaking, the transition for me has been easy. I already live and breathe technology, so having to live and breathe it some more for work felt like second nature. Not seeing and holding conversations with students and not being able to collaborate as easily with teachers in the prep room is something I miss the most. While we have things like Zoom to keep us connected on a more personal level, it isn’t quite the same. So I truly hope we get to go back in the fall!

Shreyas Annagiri: Do you have more time, if so what have you been doing?

Madame Baranger: These past few months I definitely have seen an increase in free time. No commute! Regulated sleep schedule! You can do so much more when you aren’t tired. There’s still some challenges though; I live with a host family currently who’s mother is a nurse in a nursing home. It’s stressful, but it helps burst bubbles of misconception that form – keeps us grounded to the reality of this pandemic.

With my free time, I’ve started to take more walks around the neighborhood. I’m trying my hand at keeping one plant alive, since one of my many adult goals is to have a cute garden. I’ve spring cleaned through my belongings and “Marie Kondo”’d my way to trimming down things I just didn’t need or use anymore. I started a Master’s program in Education Technology, which is perfect for remote learning but will also help make lessons more engaging and show me cool ways tech can be used in the classroom. Getting ready to switch things up in French!

And now, this free time has been great for “nerd me”. I’ve upgraded my desktop and this year (I say this every year) I’ll stream or record some Let’s Plays. I’ve reached Platinum (a huge feat for me, seriously!) in League. I’m starting to work my way through this immense backlog of games on Steam. My friends and I moved DnD to online a few weeks ago after figuring out the logistics, so it’s been almost like normal… I’m looking forward to in-person things again though, I miss painting minis with friends and getting excited when large 3D battle maps appear on the table.

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