I Went Outside

As the month of May came into our lives, the weather breathed a heavy sigh of relief. It was finally sunny, bright, and warm(mostly) in suburban Pennsylvania. My life had been moving at the same pace, the train of my soul chugging along a far, seemingly endless track to nowhere. The only change that we get to see is the change in the weather, which is now what we base our daily moods on. If it gets cloudy, I lose motivation and get into a slump. When sunny, I sprite up, happy to make the most out of my day. Yesterday, my dad took my brother and me outside of the house for a short drive. We didn’t step outside of the car at any point, so we were safe. We went to see how both of our schools have changed during the lockdown. My brother’s school had not changed at all, despite the fact that he is convinced the roof changed its color from a dark to a lighter blue. However, since my school is under construction, it looked very different from when we left in March. There is an entirely new building with floor to ceiling glass panes installed. (I was a bit too late to take the picture of that specific part, sorry.)

Going outside, and seeing my school made me realize how much we have changed as people. Driving around used to seem like a boring, monotonous daily activity, but with this quarantine, it seems like a vacation. I can’t wait to go back into that building once this pandemic is over. If it seems difficult now, just think of the story that you will tell future generations. Every single one of us will have a uniquely different one to tell, but they will all tie together, like a closely-knit family of experiences.

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