Are You Working From Home?

So it’s probably likely that you have found yourself working/studying from home not by choice, but because you were forced to. Especially for students, this is a VERY large change in our working environment. There are way more distractions, more free time, and no strict schedules to ensure that we are getting our work done. I suffered from this change quite a bit, but I have found a few ways that helped me bounce back, and I am going to share those with you in this blog post!

Number 1: Wake Up Early

Now, for the larger portion of my school life, I was forced to wake up before 7 am. In high school, I usually woke up around 5:30 am to 6:00 am. However, with this quarantine, we don’t have to worry about the commute or class times, so it may seem easier to wake up much later. However, I have found that waking up earlier helps with motivation, and is a much better way to kickstart a morning of productivity.

Number 2: Use the Pomodoro Technique

If you haven’t heard of the Pomodoro technique, it is basically a system where you work at full focus for 25-40 minutes, take a five-minute break, and work at full focus for the same period of time as before, in a cycle. This is great for when you are not feeling the hustle, as it is basically tricking your mind into thinking you are not doing too much work, while still getting the stuff you need to get done, done. If you’re looking for a Pomodoro timer, I highly recommend forest, which is an ios app but also a google chrome extension. Here is the link:

Number 3: Create a nice workspace

I am somewhat obsessed with creating the perfect workspace/desk setup for my needs. This tip basically means that in order for you to be happy and focused when doing work, you need to have a dedicated workspace. This workspace should be away from any distractions, and away from the other people, you share your house with. Remember it is also important to make your workspace aesthetically pleasing. For example, my workspace is surrounded by multiple posters that I enjoy, and my desk has multiple holders for the things that I use the most. If you want some more information, I will be posting another blog post with more information on this specific tip, so subscribe and stay tuned!

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