A High School Physics Teacher in 2020

Mrs. Summer Perez

Physics Teacher in Downingtown Stem Academy, 


Bloggers Introduction:

Mrs.Perez is a Physics teacher at the Downingtown Stem Academy. I am so thankful Mrs.Perez shared her story with me! Teachers are encountering a very large change and transition from normality. From being able to meet and interact with students all day long, now they are faced with the challenge of virtual interaction alone.In the passage below, Mrs. Perez speaks of the positives of staying at home, and how her routine has changed.

“I have gained time. Normal life was full of worrying about what needed to be done next. I had a constant list of tasks and not much time. Now I have time to finish my tasks and then spend my time however I want to at home. The extra time has been a gift. I pay attention more to my well-being, mentally and physically.

Many creative projects have been put off because they weren’t related to work or survival. Now books that have been gathering dust on my shelves have been cracked open and read. Crafts that have been put off are now helping me express my creative side. I’ve been reacquainting myself with my sewing machine, trying new recipes, and putting together wooden models. I’m finding enjoyment that I thought was lost due to lack of time.

 Plus, I’ve been taking walks and enjoying nature. I live next to the Schuylkill River Trail and have taken many walks, saying hi to the birds and watching the flowers bloom. My cat, Felix, is also getting spoiled with all the attention he’s getting. He will be sorely disappointed when I go back to work!

 While I certainly miss seeing students and fellow teachers every day, I’m truly grateful for the life break this situation is giving me.”

Photo Credit: Summer Perez

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