I Went Outside

As the month of May came into our lives, the weather breathed a heavy sigh of relief. It was finally sunny, bright, and warm(mostly) in suburban Pennsylvania. My life had been moving at the same pace, the train of my soul chugging along a far, seemingly endless track to nowhere. The only change that we... Continue Reading →

My Story

March 16th - April 30th I woke up on the first Monday of quarantine with my alarm ringing, and my mind racing. While I was excited, I was also worried. How would I be doing my school work? What about my class, and my future? While these questions were running through my head, I also... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

Friday the 13th : March, 2020 We find ourselves in a world where a virus known as COVID-19 has slowly started spreading around the world. It started out in small pockets in China in January. It was not yet a world wide concern, it was something that was talked about on the news, but it... Continue Reading →

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