The Rubik’s Cube vs a Pandemic

I love the Rubik's cube. Something about its twisty, tied up mystery and the shiny colors always seemed to appeal to me. In the fourth grade, I found the puzzle lying around in my basement, scrambled and waiting to be turned, waiting to be solved. I became obsessed. I would take it to school, to... Continue Reading →

Educator Spotlight: A Quarantine Journey

Mrs. Kroboth was my English teacher in middle school and is my high school debate coach. After moving to Pennsylvania and encountering a tough 6th grade year, Mrs.Kroboth was my anchor of support. Her class extended past the course material and onto valuable life lessons that I will never forget. Whenever I walked into her... Continue Reading →

To re-open or not to re-open

Chaos in the News. Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing safe and well. Re-openings, re-openings, re-openings - the chant that's constantly ringing across the globe. The world went into lockdown to save humanity from the virus, but at some point this lockdown needs to end. While we hide from the virus, other issues... Continue Reading →

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Asynchronous Learning

The Coronavirus lockdown/stay at home order changed a lot of things and how we learn/teach is certainly one of them. Being forced into an online model of schooling, we were faced with attending classes or gathering class information online. Online learning can be either Synchronous or Asynchronous. While online Synchronous learning happens in real-time, online... Continue Reading →

Teaching From a Distance, still making a Difference

Bloggers Introduction: Mrs. Angela Baer teaches orchestra at elementary school in Pennsylvania, USA. I am so thankful that she contributed a guest post for the blog despite her busy schedule! In the following write up, Mrs. Baer details how she has been managing teaching orchestra music online. Teaching and playing musical instruments is usually a... Continue Reading →

A High School Physics Teacher in 2020

Mrs. Summer Perez Physics Teacher in Downingtown Stem Academy,  Pennsylvania  Bloggers Introduction: Mrs.Perez is a Physics teacher at the Downingtown Stem Academy. I am so thankful Mrs.Perez shared her story with me! Teachers are encountering a very large change and transition from normality. From being able to meet and interact with students all day long,... Continue Reading →

Are You Working From Home?

So it's probably likely that you have found yourself working/studying from home not by choice, but because you were forced to. Especially for students, this is a VERY large change in our working environment. There are way more distractions, more free time, and no strict schedules to ensure that we are getting our work done.... Continue Reading →

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